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Innovative Beverages at the Winter Show Expand the Segment

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Innovative beverages that will be introduced at the Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas are poised to quench thirst in new ways.

FigBrew, which received the People’s Choice award at the 2021 Cincinnati Coffee Festival in October, is known for Figgee, a coffee alternative made entirely from figs. “I love seeing folks’ eyes light up just before they say, ‘Oh my, this is so good,’ when handing them a sample of Figgee or Mellow Mix,” said Marianne Whitehead, co-founder of FigBrew, in a statement.

Founded by a team of coffee lovers, FigBrew uses certified organic sun-dried Mediterranean figs for a smooth taste without compromising on the health advantages, according to the company. Figgee is made from organic, roasted figs filled with vitamins and minerals. It’s 100 percent caffeine-free and tastes similar to a smooth cup of coffee with a mellow flavor and a mildly sweet after-taste. It's also easy on the stomach because it’s less acidic, says FigBrew.

The company offers FigBrew’s Functionals with Chai, Beetroot, and Matcha blends and will be sampling its products in booth #3306 at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

Also exhibiting at the show is iLOLA which aims to simplify the loose leaf tea segment with its Tea Discs, which it will introduce at booth #4524 in Las Vegas.

ILOLA's creation is aiming to disrupt the segment with the first compact, loose leaf Tea Disc, encapsulating loose leaf tea needs into a simple, single-use, loose leaf disc, according to the company. Users simply place the disc in an infuser, and watch it unfurl into loose leaf tea that is perfectly measured for steeping.

The company will also present its Tea Disc Humidor for those that want to age their teas to enhance maturity and balance flavors.

Also exhibiting is Reneva, the first collagen brand to offer on-the-go collagen protein drinks with zero sugar, zero carbohydrates, and nine essential vitamins and minerals. The company will sample its Reneva Collagen Drinks, available in Strawberry Lemon, Passionfruit Orange & Pineapple, and Green Apple, at booth #3541 beginning Sunday.

The beverage company is hoping to change the collagen landscape by making the trending functional ingredient accessible for everyone, through a refreshing taste, price point, and distribution. The collagen in Reneva is odorless and entirely undetectable and has a flavor profile that leaves people who try it pleasantly surprised, according to the company.

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