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Kevin Hart's Vegan Chain to Open in LA

Hart House, actor Kevin Hart’s plant-based fast-food restaurant, is set to open its third location in Hollywood on May 23, reports Los Angeles Magazine.

The space has indoor and outdoor seating and takes over a former McDonald’s. It will be the brand’s first venture into offering a drive-thru experience.

“We’ve got In-N-Out and Chick-fil-A across the street,” said Hart’s partner in the chain, Andy Hooper. “This is us showing we’re going toe-to-toe with established restaurants.”

The plant-based burgers and other offerings are made with pea protein, chickpeas, and soy. The first two locations debuted in 2022. The idea for the company came to Hart when recovering from a car crash in 2019.

“During rehab, he incorporated more plant-based foods into his diet,” said Hooper. “He was trying to make changes but found that on the road, [vegan] options were not as prevalent. So we designed this menu for flexitarians and omnivores. We’re trying to convince the 97 percent of America who don’t eat vegan to indulge.”

Hart House will also open its fourth location in the University of Southern California, its first location on a college campus, however, the opening date has not yet been announced. Full Story

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Image: Hart House