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Oprah's Favorite Things Include SFA Member Specialties

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Oprah Winfrey released her annual Oprah’s Favorite Things 2021 list, presented by Amazon, Monday, including more than a dozen food gifts ranging in price from $35 to $249.

“This year we’re celebrating small businesses and many that are owned by women and people of color,” said Winfrey in a video. “We’re inspired by their stories and hope you will be too.”  

The holiday gift list is broken into the following categories: stylish, cozy, home, kitchen, beauty, tech, pet, food, children’s gifts, and books & writing gifts. Food gifts include:

The Kinship Collection Salt Cellar: “Chef Eric Ziebold of Michelin-starred Kinship restaurant in Washington, D.C., created this cellar filled with the most perfect sea salt. It’s perfectly pretty to keep on your table or kitchen counter," said Winfrey.

Eastern Standard Provisions Gourmet Liege Belgian Waffle Gift Box: "Send the gift of brunch to loved ones who live too far to spend the holidays with. Belgian waffles are a crowd-pleaser— especially when they come with strawberries and cream topping, dark chocolate fudge, and peanut butter caramel sauce," she said.

Wilder Mustard Quartet: “This quartet—including truffle, horseradish, dijonish, and jalapeño mustard—is sure to add a punch of flavor to anything you spread it on,” Winfrey said.

Ubah Hot Collection: “In this African-inspired sauce trio, ruby is for those who want just a little heat, emerald is for those who can take a bit more fire, and yellow? Well, that’s for brave souls who don’t mind breathing flames," she said.

The Fab Fête White Corn & Truffle Soufflé: "Is there anything more impressive at a dinner party than a perfectly risen soufflé? This one, which serves eight and was created by a Texas caterer, takes all the hard work out of the equation, too," she said.

Josephine’s Feast Fab Four Holiday Preserves: "This set comes with four unique jam flavors: mulled wine marmalade, ginger, sugar plum, and strawberries and pink champagne. Spread them on toast, or try this little trick Adam Glassman taught me: Drop a spoonful into a cocktail to add a sweet, jammy flavor," she said.

Truff Best Seller Pack: "I put Truff’s black truffle hot sauce on just about everything. It’s become such a staple that whenever I have guests, they ask for it, too! This combo comes with my go-to, along with white truffle hot sauce, which is great on eggs, as well as black truffle oil," said Winfrey

Heaton Pecans Three-Way Assorted Gift Tin: "These pecans are harvested on a farm in my home state of Mississippi," she said. "The tin includes chocolate, praline, and roasted salted pecans. And you can feel extra good about your purchase: The Heaton family, who own the farm, lost a son to addiction, so they donate all their proceeds to help others dealing with addiction issues."

Elegant Brie-en-Croute: "This puff pastry–wrapped brie is heavenly. The garlic, basil, and pine nut version is great, and the truffle option is beyond fantastic. Plus, it’s such an easy party appetizer: You just stick it in the oven, and it comes out ready to be devoured in all its ooeygooey glory," she said.

The Chai Box The Ultimate Chai Lovers Gift Set: "There’s a chai for every mood in this lovely set! From traditional spiced-up chai and a lavender-infused option great for sleep to tropical and floral mixes, tea lovers will adore the options. You even get a stainless-steel seeper, making it super easy to brew a cup," said Winfrey.

Evermill The Counter Top Rack: “Not only does the set come with the rack and jars, it contains the actual spices. And the amber glass doesn’t just look good—it protects what’s inside from sunlight and heat," she said.

Clevr SuperLatte Starter Kit: “Not a day goes by without me sipping on the golden latte from this kit, which also comes with chai latte mix and a little frother," said Winfrey.

Tonya's Cookies Pecan Crisp Jar: "Baker Tonya Council wanted GF cookies that tasted like her grandmother’s pie. The result: a sweet treat that’s rich while somehow staying very light," she said.

Savannah Bee Co. Book of Honey: "I’ve long been a fan of Savannah Bee Company honey," said Winfrey. "This selection comes with six jars, including tupelo, orange blossom, and black sage."

Zia Pia Aperitivo Gift Set: "Introducing the perfect hostess gift! Hand over this arrangement of cooking and tasting olive oils, juicy green olives, and a small bowl, and you’ll be welcome back anytime—guaranteed," she said.

Stone Hollow Farmstead Heirloom Popcorn Gift Box: "Great for snackers and movie buffs alike, the various kernels all have slightly different flavor profiles, making for a fun taste test," said Winfrey. "For my movie nights, I pop them in truffle oil and add some truffle salt!"

Perini Ranch Mesquite-Smoked Peppered Beef Tenderloin: "Perini Ranch Steakhouse is known for succulent, perfectly seasoned meat. Bring this peppered beef tenderloin to room temperature and serve it sliced on a charcuterie board," said Winfrey.

The Model Bakery English Muffins and Jam Set: "The crunchy yet fluffy muffins have made my list before, but now they ship with homemade strawberry jam," Winfrey said.

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