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Uber Eats Expands Reusable Packaging

Uber Eats Driver on Bike

Uber Eats said that it is expanding its partnership with DeliverZero to offer more reusable packaging options at checkout on the West Coast. DeliverZero is a packaging solution company that works to remove packaging waste from food delivery.

Uber Eats has worked with more than 130 restaurants in the region, with a focus on the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco regions, to add DeliverZero containers as a food delivery and takeout option. This means the eatery will package the food in a reusable plastic container which can then be returned to the restaurant after eating the meal, either by the customer themselves or by an Uber Eats courier.

In the U.S., DeliverZero packaging options are also available in New York and Colorado. Since launching last year in New York City, the Uber Eats and DeliverZero partnership has kept more than 11,000 single-use containers from winding up in landfills, according to Uber Eats.

Internationally, the food delivery service is piloting reusable packaging initiatives in several areas including France, Switzerland, Germany, and the U.K.

Uber said that this announcement is part of a plan to achieve its sustainability commitments. Last year, the platform set a goal to “eliminate emissions on all Uber Eats deliveries globally by 2042 and end unnecessary plastic waste from deliveries by 2030.”