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Dave's Gourmet Acquires Le Bon Magot

Dave’s Gourmet LLC, maker of hot sauce, pasta sauce, and more recently, a new line of extra virgin olive oils and Pink Sauce, has acquired Le Bon Magot, a gourmet line of specialty condiments and chutneys launched by food entrepreneur, Naomi Mobed.

Le Bon Magot meaning "the hidden treasure," produces caponata, chutneys, conserves, marmalades, preserves, tapenades, and dressings inspired by the founder’s heritage and international food experience.

“We are thrilled to be able to take Naomi’s vision for quality, authenticity, and unique products to our network of retailers to gain new distribution and make these amazing products more accessible to consumers,” David Neuman, CEO of Dave’s Gourmet, said in a statement. “We simply love her products and the brand, and we have big plans for expansion.”

Mobed will continue to support the business in an advisory role while the Dave’s Gourmet team on-boards her business in areas such as production, warehousing, sales, and marketing.

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