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Digital Edition

2016 Winter

A signature trademark of the specialty food industry is its ability to constantly evolve—to continually develop new and novel products, as well as transform tried-and-true recipes. The Winter issue of Specialty Food Magazine looks at many of the leading players doing just that, as well as spearheading efforts to create positive changes throughout the industry. Focusing on outstanding leaders and game-changing organizations, as well as experts in the field of sustainability and food culture, this issue celebrates specialty food innovation in its many forms. Plus, learn about some of newest and best products on the market, as well as top buyers’ picks for their favorite regional specialties.

Highlights from the Winter issue:

  • Outstanding Leaders of 2016: Read about the winners of our annual Leadership Awards, all of whom exhibit excellence in business leadership, citizenship, and vision.
  • The Innovators: These specialty food pioneers are changing the way we eat and drink—for the better.
  • FSMA Update: Now that the final rule has arrived, here’s what you need to know and what it all means for the specialty food industry.
  • Category Spotlight: Consumers still flock to their traditional caffeine fix, but better beans and new brew methods are driving a coffee reinvention.
  • Bites by the Bay: We look at 10 interesting destination dining spots in the Bay Area.

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