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Digital Edition

2017 Winter

Life-size, two-way video chats with producers from the supermarket aisle, ingredient personalization for optimal health, and customizable restaurant experiences are just some of what readers can discover in our Future Forecast. The Winter issue of Specialty Food Magazine explores what the specialty food landscape will look like in 2027, with insight from experts in retail, foodservice, and consumer behavior. Our industry watchers break down the future of retail (many retailers will become suppliers); the impact of technology on the restaurant scene (could we see the return of the automat?); and how consumer behavior will shape the industry (it’s all about customization). Plus, we look at some of the hottest products hitting the market in immunity-boosting snacks and drinks; jams, jellies, and spreads; and innovative new chickpea products.

Highlights from the Winter Issue:

  • 2016 Lifetime Achievement Awards: These six recipients were honored in the categories of Business Leadership, Citizenship, and Vision.
  • Giving Back: New company launched their online store to benefit charities as well as the consumer.
  • Bringing Fresh to the Masses: Ed Boyes, U.S. CEO of HelloFresh, talks convenience cooking.
  • Category Spotlight: Showing up in everything from chips, to hummus, to butter, coconut’s tropical appeal is widespread.
  • Buyers’ Picks: Retailers weigh in on what specialty cookies are currently flying off the shelves.

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