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Chipotle Portion-Size Protestors Take to TikTok

Chipotle storefront at night

Young customers on social media, particularly TikTok, are protesting what they consider to be smaller portions, reports The New York Times. The chain was formerly known for its portion sizes, with The New York Times once referring to their “behemoth California creations” that take “a little practice to handle.”

TikTok users have devised myriad viral tactics to portion the alleged smaller portions, including walking out of the restaurant without paying if they feel they’ve been served meager portions. They have also taken to filming workers under the theory that the threat of filming will cause workers to add larger portions.

On May 3, TikTok food critic Keith Lee published a Chipotle review that received nearly two million views in which he estimated his bowl included only “four pieces of chicken visually,” according to the report. Later that day, an influencer, Drew Polenske, announced a plan to flood the Chipotle app with bad ratings to compel the retailer to increase portion sizes, a practice called “review bombing.”

These claims have compelled Chipotle to respond.

“There have been no changes in our portion sizes, and we have reinforced proper portioning with our employees,” Laurie Schalow, the company’s chief of corporate affairs and food safety, said in a statement. In a video interview with Fortune, CEO Brian Niccol also denied the restaurant was serving smaller portions. Full Story (Subscription Required)